RCfaviconGrand, theatrical, eclectic and frequently epic, Robot Child plays melodic hard rock that evokes the ghosts of Queen, Pink Floyd, Faith No More, Muse and has even drawn comparisons with early Birds of Tokyo and Mastodon. The band has gigged regularly around Melbourne and Sydney, including a series of live shows with The Chaser. In 2012, Robot Child joined celebrated artists such as Paul Kelly, Clare Bowditch, Dan Sultan and Blue King Brown in contributing a track to Just Music, a charitable compilation for Jesuit Social Services. After performing at the launch in the Spiegeltent, the band went on to complete its own debut album, One More War.

Jeff Wortman

Jeff is a powerful singer who isn’t happy unless he’s screaming out a big note.

Waleed Aly

Waleed is primarily a guitar hero. In his spare time he enjoys winning awards.

Daniel Lynders

Dan is a technically brilliant bass player but will still happily play the bass line from ‘Call Me Al’ for you upon request.

Dan Slater

Dan is a drummer who has the full palette of musical styles at his disposal. As likely to play Dave Brubeck as a hard rock number.

Dave Hartney

Dave has the voice of an angel to match his devilishly good skills on the keyboard.

Owen James

Owen maestronic piano skills are matched only by his extensive collection of Shakespearean costumes at home.

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