We want to send a massive thanks to everyone who came and supported us on our tour in Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane. First class male bonding was done and we performed some memorable gigs (not quite enough dates to justify a ‘tour tshirt’ however). First stop was Newcastle for a great old fashioned pub gig with local boys Horgeous. There was no door charge, just an assault on the punters in this pub on a saturday night… and they were well up for hearing some new music. Good on The Lass O’Gowrie for supporting live music. Early next morning, we took the train to Sydney. It took just over two hours and was quite a picturesque journey. On Sunday we played with a whole bunch of talented people as part of Scorcherfest at the Valve Bar. It was a daylong thing, so we had to take a few timeouts, to sit in the bar upstairs and mix things up by watching a bit of NRL. We picked up some inside knowledge from the locals. Manly aren’t really such a popular team for example… When we finally hit the stage, Wal got a bit too excited and poorly executed a leap during Ignition, putting a hole in the roof with his head. Jeff performed a quick concussion test, which Waleed passed and the gig carried on but it was a tough act to follow. Whilst we were in Sydney, Waleed worked his contacts to get some tickets to a live recording of Q and A. Dan, Jeff and Dave went into the Guinness Book Of Records as the first rock band in history to take time out of a rock tour to listen to an all female panel discuss women’s rights. The long drive from Sydney to Byron Bay was punctuated by some philosophical discussions in the car. No conclusions were reached obviously but it passed the time. When we reached the hotel room we set up a makeshift studio in our hotel room. Dan had to settle for a Garageband drum kit but battled on manfully, earning himself a round of applause when he finished one run through with an Ipad drum roll. We gave ourselves the next day off to chill out in Byron (very easy to do) and then drive up to the Gold Coast and hit the Surf. On the way, it emerged (via facebook) that it was Jeff’s birthday. Out of respect, the rest of the day was devoted to mini golf and Daytona. Last stop was Beetle Bar in Brisbane. It’s a great venue for live music. It looks a little bit like it’s out of the Wild West with wooden floors and a big high ceiling but the PA is fantastic and the bands sounded great. Thanks to all the Brisbane bands that helped us out on our last night and at the other stops on the tour – Super Kaleida, After Gryce, The Royales and Horgeous in particular. We had a great time and hope to do it again soon.